do you know “which movie earn highest money” ?

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movie earn highest money list all of time

according to Wiki

number 10 is Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – part 2

this movie was developed , 2011 year Worldwide gross 1,341,511,219 USD record.

number 9 is Black panther .. how !? I don’t understand it in my opinion.

number 8 is Avengers: Age of Ultron ! Yeah ! Worldwide gross is 1,405,403,694 record.

number 7 is Furious 7 (I don’t forget him) I think this movie is the one of my favorite.

number 6 is just The Avengers

number 5 is Jurassic World ! (maybe children in the world helps for this record.)

number 4 is Avengers: Infinity War

number 3 is Star Wars: The Force Awakens (this movie has lots of supporter, so it could be..)

number 2 is Titanic ..

titanic poster

Numb.2 Titanic !

actually, Titanic was number one until Avatar was developed.

avatar poster

number one movie is Avatar worldwide gross 2,787,695,087 USD

Avatar has the highest record all of time !

and Avatar 2 is coming !

among them, hasn’t you seen it yet ? if so, you must see it.

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