funny or die, there lots of things you must see.

what do you think of ‘Porsche’ ?
2019년 8월 1일
Na engine VS turbo
2019년 11월 28일
funny or die

nowadays people seem to lost ‘smile’. why did they so ?

modern life often has people be in difficulty. because of money, love, and so on.

and modern life is too fast. so most people can’t keep with it’s move.

they want to find things make them happy and smile.

a subject of this site is ‘smile’.

what is this web-site ?

the menu of this site consist of ‘original video’, celebs, best of the web, politics, hall of fame, shop.

original video is conclude in ‘fun’ video.

‘celebs’ show people humorous actors. and best of the web is literally to recommend the sites do people good.

politics menu concludes in politics news. most of them are about ‘Trump’

anyway, if you want something make you happy, smile, enter this site.

you may take smile back.

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