How to capture a tiger eating-men

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2018년 10월 11일
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2018년 12월 8일
how to capture tigers

Recently, India is considering whether use of scent to take capture a tiger man-eating.

the tiger has eaten 9 men already that named ‘T1’ 6 years . most people is scared of it.

so the authorities in India is going to use the fragrance ‘Obsession’ made by Calvin Klein.

scent to capture tigers

The power of Obsession was first established by experiments at Bronx zoo in NY in 2003.

the point ingredient is a synthetic version of the musk secreted by the civet.

Animal rights activists lost a bid in the Indian supreme court last month to stop officials from killing the tiger.

the scent ‘Obsession’ has been used to catch at least two other tigers in India.

anyway, I wish to work..


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