what do you think of ‘Porsche’ ?

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2019년 1월 17일
funny or die
funny or die, there lots of things you must see.
2019년 8월 30일

Porsche is company makes automobile in German.

powerful and sensitive, fancy cars

why people like cars made by Porsche ?

if you ask someone what car is the best and want to have ? almost of them reply ‘Porsche’.

why they say so ? because it’s perfect among car company.

price is between benz, audi, BMW and Ferrari, Lamborghini and power train of Porsche fits Sports car.

what kind of cars ?

porsche makes a sports car in major and SUV, sedan additionally.

sedan is Panamera, SUV are Cayane, Macan.

Sports car are 718(cayman, boxster), 911

porsche cars

it’s really awesome car. have you seen them before ? it can’t take eyes off them.

also porsche is going to make ‘electric automobie’

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