Which car is richest in the world !?

do you know “which movie earn highest money” ?
2018년 12월 8일
4. Unsplash
2019년 1월 17일

are you interested in automobile ?

most men dream that I, myself have a hyper car like a ferrari or a lamborghini. (now a days ‘hyper’ more than higher ‘super’)

but most of them have failed to get it. why? it’s just simple.. they are too expensive.

we show you how much expensive are they..

TOP 5 Aston martin Valkyrie

top 5 aston martin valkyrie

Aston martin is made in England. you may see it in 007 movie.

specially, this engine is V12 and has an exceptional 1:1 power to weight ratio. also James bond love it. this car boast 3.2 Million dollars.

TOP 4 Bugatti Veyron Mansory

if you are interested in car, you must see this car.

0 to 100 speed : 2.8 sec. Veyron has really crazy speed.

price : 3.4 Million

TOP 3 Lamborghini Veneno

price : 3.5 Million

there is a different thing between most Lamborghini cars.

this car came out in Fast Furious 7.

TOP 2 is Veneno Roadster version (Price 4.5 Million)

TOP 1 is Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita

price : 4.8 Million dollars

Dual-supercharged V8 having a total output of 1,004 ..

it doesn’t need to say more..

we just have to work.. lol

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